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HIV, TB, and Diabetes: Is it time to think together?

The HIV/TB/Diabetes resource kit is a brief summary of what is known about management of three of the top global killers in under-resourced areas (using South Africa as a case study). I was interviewed by a blogger, Sage Penn, about why I wrote this nonfiction book and my strategy. That blog post is reproduced here.

What audience do you intend to capture by this novel?

It is a nonfiction resource for healthcare workers on the frontlines of fighting many diseases and patients, including people who do not have easy access to first-world medical care. In the age of chronic diseases, people rarely show up at the office with just one disease. And, even, if they are successfully treated with HIV, they may have other conditions that can complicate their treatment. So, I picked the three diseases that are still prevalent in, especially poor regions of the country or the developing world; however, it is not meant to replace a doctor’s advice. The companion book (which I have not given you) is a work of fiction, incorporating the theme of HIV. It is called “The Heroine Next Door” and can be found at this site:

Is the HIV/TB/Diabetes resource kit for a specific group?

Sexually active adults, particularly in African-American Communities plus anyone traveling to sub-Saharan Africa. In the USA, the successes of HIV management has had a double-edged effect. Since people know that it can be successfully managed, it has dropped off our radars. However, there are pockets of poverty in this country, that contributes to treatment disparities. South Africa remains the poster child for HIV since it has the largest epidemic in the world.

Read more about this interview here.

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